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Two days after a teen who performed at President Obama's inauguration weekend was gunned down, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is set to yank 200 cops from desk jobs and make them fight crime on the streets.

Two people opened fire on a Kaufman County, Texas, employee near the county courthouse Thursday morning, officials said.

A manhunt is under way for two people wanted in connection with fatally shooting a Kaufman County, Texas, Assistant District Attorney early Thursday morning, police say.

Freshman Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) says one of his top priorities in the Senate is advancing a “Make It in America” jobs agenda. Murphy, who founded the House “Buy American” Caucus, outlined that agenda in a conference call Wednesday sponsored by the Campaign for America’s Future and the Alliance for American Manufacturing. 

As a suspect in Midland City, Alabama continued to hold a 5-year-old boy hostage in an underground bunker on Thursday morning, the small town mourned the bus driver authorities say he killed on Tuesday.

One after another, Newtown residents Wednesday night stepped to the microphone and urged Connecticut lawmakers to stop another tragedy like the deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School and take action.

In the current debate over immigration reform in the United States, “some suggest that we take the easy road and 'split the difference' among proposals for reform from lawmakers—to choose political expediency and legalize immigrants without offering any chance for them to earn citizenship,” writes AFL-CIO Director of Immigration and Community Action Ana Avendaño, in a column in The Guardian today.That's wrong. That's the road to an America of permanent second-class workers, and it's a violation of our basic values.

A powerful earthquake struck off the coast of southeastern Alaska early Thursday, but there were no immediate reports of injury or serious damage. The magnitude 6.0 quake hit at 4:53 a.m. ET about 70 miles off the coast, near Port Alexander, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

When you hear anyone from the big multinationals or Wall Street using the word “reform,” watch out! The way they use the word, it means give them more and We, the People, get less. They want to “reform” Social Security, “reform” Medicare and “reform” the income tax code. And now they want to “reform” the taxes corporations pay on money made outside the United States. It’s like “reforming” an oak tree with an ax.

Transport Workers (TWU) began running ads this week in the Provo Daily Herald, asking whether or not the airline, Allegiant, will actually be around to provide service to the community. In connection with the ads, TWU launched the website “WillAllegiantBeThere.org,” which includes an “UnRoute Map” of canceled service. Also on the website are reports of the low level of service the airline has provided in recent years.