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Happy Holidays

The leadership of Local 288 wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Merry Christmas to all and a prosporous and healthy New Year 2021.

Happy Retirement

The following three employees have and will be retiring. Chris Larson (Mechanic) retired September 1, 2020 after 31 years of service. Marlene Perkins (Stores) retired on October 24, 2020 after 26 years of service. Tim Scully (SEO2 Saflex) will be retiring on December 14, 2020 after 30 years of service. The union wishes a healthy and happy retirement to all three for many years to come. 

Happy Thanksgiving

Your Union leadership wants to take this time to wish all our members a happy and healthy Thanksgiving Day holiday. This holiday will be unlike any other due to Covid-19, however enjoy your time with your families, and as always stay safe during these critical times. 

Veterans Day

Please take time to thank a veteran, active-duty or retired. They're remarkable sacrafices for our country enables us all to enjoy the freedoms we have and the jobs we have to provide for our families. An extra thank you to all our veterans who work West Rock, Prefered, and Eastman. 

Labor Day

In the labor movement few holidays are as impoirtant to the hard working men and women of this country than the Labor Day Holiday. First practiced in the 1880s, and made an official holiday in 1894, Labor Day is the day for workers to enjoy the fruits of their labors with their families, and celebrate all the gains organized labor was able to win in the last hundred plus years. We've gained alot, and lost some over the years, but the fight continues to give all in the workforce a voice to be heard at their employment. So on behalf of your leadership from 288, please enjoy, at best you can under the circumstances, this day with your brothers and sisters and your families. To all please stay safe, you and your families. 

Happy Fourth of July

The union wants to wish everyone in Locals 288, 288-B, and West Rock a safe and happy Fourth of July! May you all enjoy the holiday festivities with your families and friends dring these extrodinary times.  

Condolences for Matt Lee's Daughter

It is with the deepest of hearts and sadness that I inform our members of the loss of our brother Matt Lee's daughter Amanda after a corageous bout against cancer. Amanda passed away July 1, 2020. Details are in MassLive.

Please keep Matt and his entire family in your thoughts and prayes during this most difficult of times.

Monthly Meetings Cancelled Until Further Notice

Due to the Corona virus pandemic monthly union meetings have been suspended until furter notice. The April and May meetings have been cancelled. After the Summer break the union will decide if it's safe to commence meetings beginning in September. In the meantime please be safe, you and your families.

Happy Holidays

Your union leaderhip wants to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and healthy and safe 2020!

Happy Thanksgiving

To all, on behalf of the leadership of Local 288 we wish all our brothers and sisters and their families a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.
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